Smoked Frog Legs                  


Here Little Froggy

Coat with Olive Oil and sprinkle on your favorite seasoning or rub.
Lay them in an aluminum pan and add a small amount of beer or water.

Smoke at 250 until they flake with a fork.

Ready for the Smoker!!!!

They are done when you can take a fork and just flake the meat right off the bone. 

And no, they do not taste like chicken. They taste like Frog Legs!!!!!!

Do these the same way you do the Catfish. I love a little frog every so
often. We went out to the river bottoms a few years ago, drank a case
of beer and a bottle of Whiskey and caught about 120 large Bull Frogs.
We were out there most of the night in flat bottom boats gigging those
frogs. We had a feast with all our Hillbilly friends.